The Story

Xen the Alien is an Action-Adventure game set in outer space and follows the exploits of an Alien scout named Xen trying to find his way back to his home planet Xenin. On his space odyssey Xen will visit many planets, encounter different alien races and uncover a conspiracy set to change the very fabric of space and time forever.

XTA has a rich storyling narrative and takes on an episodic structure spanning over 5 seasons. Each game will represent 1 season with each level representing 1 episode in the Season. Each Season/Game will have roughly around 8 to 10 Episodes/Levels.

XTA Season I

Xen is a Scout of the reclusive Xenin race. On a routine reconnaissance mission he’s sucked into a space anomaly, crash lands on an alien World with critical fragments of his ship scattered across the surface of the Planet. The Planet is being overrun by a strange new menace for reasons unknown. The indigenes beckon Xen to save them but he’s no warrior. Xen is left with the dilemma; find the missing parts of his ship and flee the planet or go against his very nature and help liberate the people of this planet from their oppressors. The choice is yours!

Game Features:

  • 8 unique locations to explore on the massive Planet Naytonia.
  • Smart Enemy AI providing a Fun and challenging experience.
  • Rookie, Veteran and Legend difficulty levels to challenge all types of players.
  • Wide selection of Weapons and Vehicles to use and master
  • Create your own levels and share with the XTA community
XTA Season II