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"Lost in Space...
desperately trying to find my way back home...
liberating Planets and felling Empires along the way!" - Xen the Alien

Xen the Alien is a third-person action-adventure-stealth game that follows the exploits of an Alien scout named Xen desperately trying to find his way back home after being marooned on the Alien planet Naytonia. Xen must traverse the different locations of the planet in search of the missing parts of his Ship as well as contend with a mysterious military presence on the planet using either a lethal or stealthy approach, the choice is yours!

  • Battle a range of enemies with smart AI providing a fun and dynamic gameplay experience. Enemies have different personalities/strategies, can investigate incidents, pick up and use the same weapons, items and vehicles you can (level playing field).
  • Dispatch enemies with an impressive array of weapons (gauntlets), including Sniper Rifles, Mini Guns, Guided Rocket Launchers and Remote Grenade Launchers.
  • Unique cartoon art style. Rich storyline and narrative in story mode.
  • Explore 8 different and unique locations on the planet Naytonia.
  • A variety of vehicles to ride, including Hover Boards, Flying Saucers and Rocket Packs.
  • Unique 3rd-person character control system on mobile devices with auto-aim assistance
  • Destructible terrain to highlight the devastating effect of powerful weapons and explosions.
  • Competitive play with online leaderboards for each stage (story mode and challenge mode), tracking highest scores and fastest times among players across all platforms. Leaderboards can be viewed both in-game and on the game website.
  • Design your own stages with the in-game level editor and share your creations online for the rest of the community to download and play, providing an almost limitless experience. Switch seamlessly between editor mode and play mode, create stages on one platform, share across all platforms.
  • In-game screenshots can be taken and shared on the community website.
  • Cross-platform compatibility - Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS and Linux.
  • Interfaces with Twitter API to provide real-time updates (via @XenTheAlien Tweets) of players in-game progress (e.g. stage completion), uploads of stages created using the level editor, and screenshot shared on the community website.


The concept behind Xen the Alien was born in 2003 when Samuel Boham planned to enter it into the then TGC Alienware Competition. The vision for the game was too large for the scope of the competition, coupled with poor planning resulted in the game not being completed in time for the competition deadline. Since then the original game has gone through several iterations and has been ported to various engines and frameworks in a bid to keep the project alive and the tech relevant but alas it was ultimately put on indefinite life support. Although a playable demo of Xen the Alien was never released, the early screenshots depicting the games art style was well received by the then TGC community.

Fast-forward to 2016 and the game has been revived and is now being developed using TGC's AGK (App Game Kit); a code-once multi-platform deployment framework with the aim of releasing the game on all major mobile and desktop platforms. Since reviving the project we've been on the hunt to get talented people on board to help out with writing, programming, art and composing. The main goal of the team is to deliver on the original promise of XTA; to create a small action-adventure game with great narrative and fun gameplay. Come and join us on the journey to bring Xen's Epic Adventure through space to life.


Xen the Alien is a 3D action-adventure game that we plan to deploy for both mobile and pc - on all major platforms including Android (*already available on the Google Play store), iOS, Windows, MacOS and Linux. The game's framework allows it to be coded once and deployed across multiple platforms with little-or-no modification. The game is designed for seamless play across multiple platforms - e.g. levels can be designed on the linux version, shared, and downloaded on the android version to play.


You can view more of our videos on our YouTube Channel.

Xen the Alien - Launch Trailer

Xen the Alien official launch trailer showcasing the story, levels, weapons, vehicles and gameplay.

Xen The Alien - Android Gameplay

Android Frontier Gaming published a preview of the game on their Youtube Channel.

Xen the Alien (XTA) Demo Gameplay

In-game footage from the Demo. The demo takes place in the Naytonian Desert; just one of the many locations that will feature in the full game. The objective is to find the missing part of your ship and either engage or avoid the enemy soldiers in the area.

Xen vs Saucer

In this video Xen takes on a Hayden Soldier piloting a Flying Saucer. Flying saucers are equipped with a chargeable plasma gun and can launch seeker missiles. They also have the high-ground advantage. Just one of many confrontations you'll experience in the Xen the Alien game.

Xen the Alien (XTA) Alpha Gameplay

This video was captured from XTA alpha release, it showcases the menu layout, level editor functionality (briefly) and combat system gameplay.


Download files as .zip (733 KB)

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Download files as .zip (209 KB)


Get the Free Android Game from the Google Play Store (43.8 MB)

Versions for iOS, MacOS, Windows and Linux coming soon!

Download the Windows Demo .zip (31.1 MB)
For instructions on how to run the game, system requirements and game controls please refer to the Demo Page


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Samuel Boham
Etubi Onucheyo
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