Items & Props

There are 2 types of items; crates and cells. Crates can contain a collection of cells or other assets like weapons. Cells help you replenish stats lost while playing the game like health, fuel, ammo, etc. Props are environmental assets, some are interactive but most are non-interactive.

Ammo Crate

The Ammunition Crate contains Ammunition Cells and you'll need plenty of them to ensure your weapon is always fully-loaded. Shoot at a Crate using plasma-based weapons to reveal its contents.

Fuel Crate

All vehicles that feature in the XTA game run on fuel that gradually depletes with use. Vehicle fuel can be replenished from the fuel cells and these crates contain enough fuel cells to fill up any vehicle.

Health Crate

Xen can loose HP from gunshots, explosions, falling from great heights etc. Xen can replenish his HP with health cells and health crates contain enough health cells to fill up Xen's health bar.

Shield Crate

Xen has a small Health bar and in the heat of battle can loose HP quick! Augment the health bar with a shield cell to deflect all damage. Shield crates contain enough shield cells to guarantee your safety for a whole level.

Weapons Crate

Contains a random assortment of gauntlets capable of leveling the playing field in any combat scenario you find yourself in.

Ammo Cell

Ammunition Cells allow you reload your weapons when they're depleted fromuse. You'll need plenty of them to ensure your not left defenceless in a gunfight.

Fuel Cell

Fuel cells allow you replenish fuel lost from using Vehicles in the XTA game. Vehicles will only function as along as they have enough Fuel.

Health Cell

Health cells replenish your HP. Even when you've got maximum HP you can still pick them up and store in inventory for later use as the needed arises.

Shield Cell

Shield cells can be deployed at any time and are used to deflect enemy fire. Once deployed a defensive aura is formed around Xen rendering him invulnerable to attack from all sides. This is useful when facing overwhelming odds.

Missing Part

These are the parts of Xen's ship scattered across Naytonia that he needs to find to fix his Ship and leave the Planet. Luckily Xen has a locator beacon that points him right to them.

Hayden Bunker

The Hayden Bunkers hold reserve Soldiers that can be deployed into a stage when called upon by other Soldiers in the Field. For example, should a Hayden Soldier see a dead comrade, they will call in for a replacement so try to avoid this at all costs!

Hayden Tower

Hayden Communication Towers allow Hayden Soldiers deployed in the field to dispatch reserves from Bunkers and call in for air support/supply drops. Destroy them where possible to restrict enemy operations and simplify your objectives.