The XTA universe is made up of several planets harbouring different species of Aliens each with their own skills, natural resources and political inclinations with respect to neighbouring planets and the universe as a whole. Throughout the course of Xen's journey he will encounter a lot of this and slow paint a picture of what's going on and what's about to come.


Xenin is about one-third the size of earth and harbours a reclusive, peaceful and technologically advanced race. Xenites are communal, they mind their own business, politically introverted and highly intelligent. Although peacful in nature they invest heavily on defencive technology to safeguard them in times of conflict.

All citizens of Xenin are assigned a task integral to maintaining the structure and stability of the economy. These tasks fall into various sectors of the economy including Agriculture, Science, Military, Medical, etc. The Xenin Government is in full control and regulates everything. Government officials are elected by the people and the Xenites are enlightened beyond the point of exhibiting attributes such as selfishness and corruption.

They’ve constructed a shield that protects the entire planet from intruders. However, the shield uses up a lot of resources and cannot be left on indefinitely hence they have scouts who constantly patrol the planet space looking for signs of trouble.


Paragon has no indigenes and was originally a dead star before being terraformed by the now Paragon Sovereignty to be used as their Headquarters. Paragon was chosen because of its central location and now houses the upper class, wealthy and elite. The planet and surrounding airspace is heavily fortified.


Sevanatery is a popular junking ground for obsolete or damaged Ships of different shapes, sizes and functions. Some dispute the fact that it's a Planet at all and instead claim that its core is built on the remains of remains of Ships. The planet also serves as a hideout for many gangs, criminals and escaped convicts; a bounty hunters paradise and a treasure trove for anyone seeking free and rare tech.


Naytonia is the backdrop of Season I where Xen the game protagonist is left marooned. The planet itself is an oddity as different areas of the planets surface experiences contrasting atmospheric conditions. For example, there's an area known as the Fiery Desert with scorching heat, and just beside it are the Frozen Mountains known for its blistering cold.

Xen must start from his crash site and traverse all these areas with only a beacon device to guide him to the locations of the missing parts of his ship. On his journey he'll encounter several villages reflecting on the culture of the Naytonians and the state of their technological advancement.


Naytonium is magenta-coloured crystal native to the planet and thought to be reason behind the Hayden occupation. The Indigenes have been forced into slave labour, extracting these crystals from mines setup all over the planet.


Vetitum is a maximum security prison planet that holds the worst convicts in the Universe. The planet is constantly oversaturated and lacks the resources to cater for all the inmates. The Wardens capitalize on this fact by holding regular games tagged as a "population control measure" but in truth is a source of revenue generation. These games pit the inmates against wild animals, mechanical monstrosities and sometimes each other while the warden and spectators place huge bets on the outcome.