The Epic Space Odyssey begins!

Lost in Space...
desperately trying to find his way back home...
liberating Planets and felling Empires along the way!

About the Game

Xen the Alien is a third-person action-adventure-stealth game that follows the exploits of an Alien scout named Xen desperately trying to find his way back home after being marooned on the Alien planet Naytonia. Xen must traverse the different locations of the planet in search of the missing parts of his Ship as well as contend with a mysterious military presence on the planet using either a lethal or stealthy approach, the choice is yours!

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Battle a range of enemies with smart AI that investigate occurrences and have different personalities/strategies. Enemies can pick up and use the same weapons, items and vehicles you can.

Dispatch enemies with an impressive array of weapons (gauntlets), including Sniper Rifles, Mini Guns, Guided Rocket Launchers and Remote Grenade Launchers.

Unique cartoon art style. Rich storyline and narrative in story mode.

Explore 8 different and unique locations on the planet Naytonia.

A variety of vehicles to ride, including Hover Boards, Flying Saucers and Rocket Packs.

Competitive play with online leaderboards for each stage (story mode and challenge mode), tracking highest scores and fastest times among players.

Design your own stages with the level editor and share on the community website for others to download and play, providing an almost limitless experience.